“Kwanza Barra” Bridge rehabilitation This bridge was originally designed by Professor Edgar Cardoso and it crosses the mouth of the “Kwanza” River, south of Luanda, Angola, and was built in 1975 under very difficult circumstances. Due to the lack of maintenance in 1990 a provisional emergency intervention was needed to prevent its collapse due to the rupture of one the back-stays.

It is a composite deck cable stayed bridge with two side spans of 70.00m and a central one of 260.00m. The deck is suspended from two pylons of about 45m high by 2 x 6 pairs of stays which are arranged in a fan configuration and are deviated at the top of the pylons by saddles.

The rehabilitation works consisted on the complete substitution of the stay system and the repair and painting of the steel and concrete bridge structure.

The rehabilitation works started in April of 2011 and were completed in the early 2003.