“Cubal da Hanha” River Bridge The bridge over the “Cubal-da-Hanha” River of is located on the road between “Benguela” and “Huambo”, Angola, near the town of “Cubal”.

The original bridge was destroyed during the civil war and the new bridge was built on the same alignment using a structural solution in concrete with five spans of 20.0 + 3 x 30.0 + 20.0m.

The deck is supported on four piers and two abutments built in reinforced concrete, with a maximum height of 10.0m. The foundations are direct on altered granites.

The deck, in prestressed concrete, is a continuous π beam, with a constant height of 2.40m, with webs of variable thickness and a wide lower flange that adds stiffness to the beam. The deck’s slab has variable thickness and establishes the connection between the beams. Together, they constitute the road platform with a total width of 11.0m.

The incremental launching method for the construction of concrete bridges was introduced in Angola with this work.

The construction began in February 2008 and was concluded in October 2009.