“Kwanza” River Bridge at CabalaCatete-Muxima Road | Angola2010
“Kwanza” River Bridge at Cabala Catete-Muxima Road | Angola 2010
The bridge crosses a large alluvial basin of the “Kwanza” River at Cabala where the bedrock lies very deep in the flood...
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“Sado” River Bridge and access viaductMotorway A2 – Alcácer do Sal-Grândola (North) | Portugal1999
“Sado” River Bridge and access viaduct Motorway A2 – Alcácer do Sal-Grândola (North) | Portugal 1999
The “Sado” Bridge and its access viaduct was a design & build tender with an extremely short construction period. The...
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“Arade” River Bridge and access viaductA2 Motorway – Almodôvar-S. B. Messines | Portugal2002
“Arade” River Bridge and access viaduct A2 Motorway – Almodôvar-S. B. Messines | Portugal 2002
The total length of this structure is 777m and it was built using “in situ” reinforced and prestressed concrete.

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“Loures” Valley viaductC.R.E.L. – Caneças-Loures | Portugal1995
“Loures” Valley viaduct C.R.E.L. – Caneças-Loures | Portugal 1995
The viaduct has a length of 1614.0m. The valley topography, the height of the alignement and the high local seismicity...
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“Cubal da Hanha” River BridgeBenguela-Huambo Road | Angola2009
“Cubal da Hanha” River Bridge Benguela-Huambo Road | Angola 2009
The bridge over the “Cubal-da-Hanha” River of is located on the road between “Benguela” and “Huambo”, Angola, near the town...
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“Labriosque” Valley viaductA3 Motorway – Cruz-Braga | Portugal1994
“Labriosque” Valley viaduct A3 Motorway – Cruz-Braga | Portugal 1994
The viaduct has a total length of 984.0m and crosses the “Labriosque” Valley at a maximum height of 45m.


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“Laceiras” viaductA3 Motorway – National Road 303-Valença | Portugal1998
“Laceiras” viaduct A3 Motorway – National Road 303-Valença | Portugal 1998
This viaduct’s decks are constituted by two parallel 22-span continuous structures. The decks are two independent prestressed...
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“Nespreira” viaductA7 Motorway – Selho-Calvos | Portugal2005
“Nespreira” viaduct A7 Motorway – Selho-Calvos | Portugal 2005
The viaduct is a continuous 15 span superstructure comprising two independent and parallel open section girder decks. The...
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Viaduct IXA7 Motorway – Basto-Ribeira de Pena | Portugal2005
Viaduct IX A7 Motorway – Basto-Ribeira de Pena | Portugal 2005
The viaduct IX crosses the valley at a maximum height of 80m. It comprises two parallel, continuous bridge decks, one of...
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4A e 4B ViaductsA14 Motorway – Sta Eulália-Coimbra (North) | Portugal2002
4A e 4B Viaducts A14 Motorway – Sta Eulália-Coimbra (North) | Portugal 2002
The 4A and 4B viaducts cross the “Travesso” Valley near the “Coimbra” North interlink node with the A1 Motorway.

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“Ínsuas” viaductsA7 Motorway – Calvos-Fafe (South) | Portugal2004
“Ínsuas” viaducts A7 Motorway – Calvos-Fafe (South) | Portugal 2004
The “Ínsuas” viaducts cross the “Ínsuas” Valley in the “Fafe” South interlink node of the A7 motorway (Toll road). This group...
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“Kwanza Barra” Bridge rehabilitationLuanda-Benguela Highway | Angola 2003
“Kwanza Barra” Bridge rehabilitation Luanda-Benguela Highway | Angola  2003
This bridge was originally designed by Professor Edgar Cardoso and it crosses the mouth of the “Kwanza” River, south of...
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“Barra” Bridge rehabilitationAveiro | Portugal2008
“Barra” Bridge rehabilitation Aveiro | Portugal 2008
The “Barra” Bridge in Aveiro has a total length of 620m. The abutments are 21m long, the length of each of the access...
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“Rainha D. Amélia” Bridge rehabilitationSetil | Portugal2001
“Rainha D. Amélia” Bridge rehabilitation Setil | Portugal 2001
The “Rainha D. Amélia” railway bridge was built in 1903 and is a 14 span steel girder bridge, each span being 60m long. The...
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